jonathan treasure, circa 2008, the last year of the original herbological site

Welcome to this new herbological site authored by me, medical herbalist Jonathan Treasure. This site will be a work-in-progress container for my motley musings on western herbal medicine – especially its scientific, theoretical and philosophical  underpinnings. There are lots of  different ways of understanding and using plant medicines that do not require attention to such things, so…this site is probably most relevant to inquisitive students & practitioners of botanical medicine, maybe also  allied healthcare professionals dealing with cancer,  but may well  interest more or less anyone looking into the complex ways plants and humans interact

In case you were looking for it, the previous incarnation of  existed for a decade plus from 1998-2008; it included Herbal Bookworm book reviews  and Herbal Hypotheses (position papers).  As an early advocate for the idea that herbalists could and should benefit from using the internet, it was perhaps inevitable that my original herblog succumbed to the time and energy draining demands of regular content updates, and in 2009, and after almost 5 years working on my Herb-Drug, Nutrient Drug Interactions textbook,  I mothballed the original herblog and then dismantled the entire herbological  site.

Eradicating one’s cyberhistory is more difficult than you might think; serial requests for copies of deleted herbological posts accumulated even as I was ‘in recovery’ –  meanwhile rogue sites were copying and reposting my old material, often without credit or acknowledgement; so eventually I put together  a “Greatest Hits” collection from as a free eBook. You can still grab it by signing up here